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Anuhea - Higher Than The Clouds chords

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Intro: Dm - C - Am - Bb

    Dm           C                     Am                  Bb       
Hey, feel up in the clouds on that Sunday sunset you taught me how
Dm                   C
Took a drive up the mountain, yeah, 
         Am                   Bb
We could look down on our own little island
Dm               C                    Am                Bb
Made me feel so comfortable with each moment that went by
Dm                      C            Am              Bb
I wanted to show you my love for the very first time

So you really wanna? (Yes)
So we really gonna? (Yes)
Am                    Bb
Can't believe we both feel this way now.
So we gonna try it (Yes)
No more tryna hide it
Am                          Bb
Just let it go and let our emotions take control

Dm   C       Am              Bb
You take me higher than the clouds
  Dm      C              Am               Bb     
And your touch makes me wanna scream out loud, oooh
Dm   C       Am              Bb
You take me higher than the clouds
I don't wanna rush
baby, when we touch
               Am        Bb
Wanna let you take me over, oooh

Dm       C            Am              Bb
So damn lucky that I have you in my life, yeah
Dm                  C
I don't have to be on a mountain
    Am                    Bb
To feel at the top and I know it won't stop cause
Dm                C                  Am                 Bb
When I'm in your arms I feel like a queen of dreams to be
Dm              C
I'm your lady, you are my man
Am                   Bb
Feel so right and I know you understand

[Repeat pre-chorus and chorus]

F        C
The sun setting in your eyes
Dm                 Bb
All I wanna do is see the sun rise
F                                   C
Here we are, right here, right now, entity
And it seems to me that you and me
Were meant to be

We are, we are, we are, we are,
Dm                           C
bum,bum,bum,bum,bum like the beating of the drum
A little touch from you
Boy, I love you so much
            Dm                         C
You'll be my superman, I'll feel no pain
You'll take me higher than the clouds
Up,up,up,up and away.

[Repeat chorus]
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