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Arctic Monkeys - Black Treacle chords

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Arctic Monkeys - Black Treacle

This is Alex Turner's part for the song, which is mainly chords until the little 
solo medley bit at the end of the Chorus.

G G    G G        G G    G G
Lately I've been seeing things,

G G    G G    D D  C C
Belly button piercings,

C C    G G    G G    D D
In the sky at night,

D D         C C    C C   G G
When we're side-by-side.

    G G     G G     G G 
And I don't mean to rain,

   G G   D D   D D   C C
On anybody's caboret,

C C          G G          G G   D D
One of those games you're gonna lose,

       D D     C C      C C      G G
But you wanna play it just incase.

Now it's getting dark,

        D         G
And the sky looks sticky,

                     C     D   G
More like black treacle than tar,

Black treacle,

    D      G       A                Cm                 G   
Somebody told the stars you're not coming out tonight,

Cm                            G
So they found a place to hide.

(On the second Cm, sometimes I like to play this: |--5~--|


It's pretty much the same until the bridge:
Now I'm out of place,

            D           G
And I'm not getting any wiser,

I feel like the Sundance Kid,

  D              G
Behind a synthesizer,

And I tried last night,

   C           D
To pack away a laugh,

       G            Cm
Like a key under the mat,

        C              D
Well it never seems to be there,

When you want it.

Repeat the solo thing over the chorus 'till end, ending on:

m = Minor
~ = Let ring
/ = Slide up
b = Bend
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