Audacious - Open Heaven chords

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                             OPEN HEAVEN - Audacious
Tabbed by: makutoid

Tuning: Standard

Key: C Major

Intro Tab

Verse 1
F                C           G        C
You showed your grace right from the start,
F               C           G        Am
You showed your mercy, the Father's heart,
F            C       G   C
This act of love set me apart,
       G                F
And I cry out for your love

Pour out your spirit on us,
Pour out your power on Earth,
Am                      F
We're standing under an open Heaven
I put my life in your hands,
I put my faith in your plan,
Am                   F
I'm living under an open Heaven

Verse 2
F             C           G         C
We know your promise, we know your call,
F            C          G       Am
Your kingdom come, life to the full,
F         C      G         C
Now I surrender heart and soul,
       G                 F
As we cry "Your will be done",
       G                 F
As we cry "Your will be done

Bridge 1
   F C   G   Am    F  C G  Am
An open heaven, an open heaven

Bridge 2
           F         G
Your power and authority,
           Am             G
Your sacrifice, the victory,
            C              G
The battle won for all to see,
        F             Am      G
There's power in the name of Jesus  (repeat)

The only thing I'm a bit unsure of is the third line of the bridge, "The battle 
won for all to see". I think it's C and G, however it sounds as if there's a minor 
accidental thrown in on the G but I'm not sure what it is... Other than that I'm 
pretty sure this is it, enjoy :)
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