Audio Adrenaline - The Answer chords

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(Pads) Dm F C x3
(All instruments) Dm F C G

[Verse I]
        Dm         F              C             G
I dont need a new face, all new friends, a new medicine.
        Dm              F            C                 G
I dont need a big, big house, a new job with the same benefits.
       Dm                    F
Its a crystal ship but shes sinking quick
        C                   G
Now my life is a mess and I want to change it

Bb           F                C
  And when I rise and when I fall
You are the answer.
Bb             F                     C
  I know its true cause Ive tried it all
You are the answer.

[Verse II]
          Dm          F                 C
I cant believe how I feel, is this for real?
               G                 Dm                      F
Now that Im changing, you never know how far this could go
       C                  G
A new hope, some story arranging.
      Dm                      F
Its a new sunrise through my newborn eyes
         C                   G
Cause I found the way, the truth, the life

[Chorus x2]

Lights come out, its a brand new start
Old illusions seem to fall apart
Every day we are making history
Never the same as we used to be
Flesh and bone, heart and soul
Hard drive, upload, reinstalled
A new sunrise with these newborn eyes
I found the way, the truth, the life.

[Chorus x2]

[End] Dm
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