Austere - Just For A Moment chords

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  Am                      C                   Am
G---2-2---2-2---2-2--2--2---0-0---0-0---0-0---2--    x2

Am A5 Asus4-Am C Cadd9 x2

       Am      A5          C Cadd9
I've given and taken and given,

          Am       A5          C  Cadd9
Now in my world of only your vision.

         Am               A5         C Cadd9
Faces of white wrapped in delicate decay,

   Am          A5                 C Cadd9
Oh please, why won't you take me away?

Am A5 Asus4-Am C Cadd9 x2

         Am       A5    C  Cadd9   
Reaching toward a pale illusion,

               Am          A5           C  Cadd9
One which will never, will never become real.

     Am       A5            C Cadd9
Just suppose, suppose for a moment,

       Am       A5     C   Cadd9
It was not, not just a dream...

Am A5 Asus4-Am C Cadd9

This is something I've been playing around, and this came up. It sounds nice on 
acoustic guitar, hope you'll enjoy playing this :)

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