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Avian Sunrise - Worth Dying For chords

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Worth Dying For   (Key: Ab Major)               **Ab2sus4 = 3 notes: Db+Ab+Bb

Bbm                     Fm
Cold comes crashing through the door
        Bm                    Fm
Perfect pictures shattered on the floor
                   **Ab2sus4     Ab
You wanted to say, ďAm I worth dying for?Ē 
                Eb  Bbm
But you hold it inside
Let it incubate
        Bbm                Fm
Go to war Ė a chance to mediate
        Ab2sus4         Ab                      Eb
You swear itís better than the current state so you say, 
                Db              Ab                      Eb
ďCome back home, come back home, youíre all Iíve known.
                Db              Ab                      Eb
Come back home, come back home, youíre all Iíve known.Ē

2nd Verse/Chorus (same chords as 1st Verse/Chorus)
Try again, a canvas with higher hopes
Itís not long Ďtil youíre at each otherís throats
A push and pull to stay afloat somehow
When you were home, you were homeÖall alone
You used to be home, what is home when youíre alone?

Bbm         Fm                          Bbm
If only for heavenís sake itís always been give and take
                Fm                              Bbm
A reason for this mistake Ė you give, you give, you give
You give and donít expect the take
Youíd give your life for whatís at stake
You give until you break
                     Db                 Ab              Eb
You give until you break, until you break, until you b r e a k
        Bbm                 Fm
Start again Ė this time a different place
                Bbm             Fm
Donít need a doctor to build a better brace

        Ab2sus4      Ab               Eb
So you throw on your bravest face this time
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