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Babyshambles - New Love Grows On Trees tab

Artist - Babyshambles
Title - New Love Grows on Trees


Standard Tuning 


Verse		        		Chorus			Interlude
E :	022100			G : 230033		     E : 779977
Am :	002210			A : 002220                   G : 355433
D :	000232			E : 022100                               A : 577655

Verse 1

Are you still talking to
Am               D
All of those dead Film stars 
E                                      Am   D
Like you used to      
And I rememeber

[ Tab from: ]
G          A                     E
Every single thing you said to me
G          A                     E
G              A                        E
You said, New love grows on trees 
G               A             E
New love grows on trees
G                A 
New love grows...............

                                          E                   G  A   (Repeat Chord progression)
I said new love grows on trees

Verse 2             



Finish by playing Interlude Riff,  followed by playing Verse chords.
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