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Babyshambles - What Katie Did Next tab

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What Katie Did Next


F         C              Dm
  There's a lesson I have learnt
Bb      A          Dm   G            C
  If you play with fire you will get burnt 
F       C               Dm
           Hell hath no fury 
Bb     A     Dm  
  Like woman scorned
  I'll tell you my story
  Make you wish you never, wish you... 
  Wish you never never, wish you never been born 
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Fm            Cm           Fm   Cm
  I may never learn, never know
Fm               Cm              Fm    Cm Bm Bmb 
  I may live and learn but never know 
  I may crash and burn, oh no 
Bmb             A
  I may take my turn 

  D      A              Bm           A    Bm  A
  If you love her, then tell her you love her and 
  D            A            Bm        A    Bm  A
   You could be kissing her soon 
  D      A             Bm           A    Bm  A
  If you need her, oh, tell her you need her and 
  D            A            Bm        A    Bm  A
   You won't be missing her soon 
  Oh, but for a love to be true 
  Bm               B
  It must come from her too
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