Bargain Music - Joanna chords

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Was so glad to see someone posted this song, but the bridge
 chords were missing and I think the original poster put the
 chords below the words, which is a bit unusual. Here it is 
adjusted. Enjoy.. KE.

The chords are the same through the song, with the exception 
of the bridge below (you graduated with honors...)

A                           D      A
Remember me Joanna we were only 17        
A                              G                    E
you took me to places most teenagers have never been
A                             D                   A
Didn't need no room or bed because we had your car
ask you if you'd marry me
            G            E            A  
you said "no!" cause one day i'll be a star

highschool, it was rough on me
i don't think that i was cool
especially when you dumped me in front of everyone
you called me a fool
said it's nothing personal
i just wasn't on par
how can i date a big fat loser
when one day i'm gonna be a star

    D              E         A
you graduated with honors joanna
    D              E         A
while i was on the five year plan (plan)
    D              E         A
i swore i'd win you back joanna
    D              E         A
things will be different when i become a man

college was much easier
A party every night
but everytime i fucked a girl
i saw your face, when I turned off the lights
now i'm in the workforce
spend nighttime in a bar
often when i think of you
i wonder, did you ever become a star?

it was Dickie's bachelor party
and everyone was there
man i got so faded that i
chipped a tooth when i fell down the stairs
time for a private lap dance, it wasn't very far
you said hi my name's joanna, I'm a 50 dollar and hour star

that made me laugh y'all
do u remember me joanna (yeah)
do u remember me cause i remember you
i remember when you danced in that play
you wore that dress and that flower lei
'member me joanna
i had those plaid shorts, i bought the plaid shorts
size 42 plaid shorts i was wearing in izod
'member me joanna cause i sure as fuck remember you
'member me joanna, remember me joanna
yeah anna oh
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