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Bbmak - Again tab

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Artist: BBMak
Title : Again
Album : Sooner or Later

Tabbed by Frances Low
Recommended Chords:

Intro:    Amaj7      Asus    (individual picking)

Verses:   Amaj7     Asus     Amaj7     Asus
          Amaj7     Asus     Amaj7     Asus
          Dm7        E7

Chorus:    Amaj7     Asus    (like the intro but all stummed)

End chord:  Asus

This is the 2nd version:

Intro:  (077650)    (055430)     (can be individually picked)

Verses:  (077650)    (055430)
         (077650)    (055430)
         (077650)    (055430)
         (077650)    (055430)
         (033210)    (055430)

Chorus: Like the intro but strummed

End chord: (033210)
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