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Beatles - Daytripper tab

This is a very good song many people have a hard time figuring out how to play it though, Listen to it for the amount of time to do everything. But here it is.

Riff 1:                                      Riff 2:
e|----------------|    then  e|----------------|  Then back to Riff 1
B|----------------|          B|----------------|
G|----------------|          G|-------2-0-4---2|
D|-------2-0-4---2|          D|------2---2-2-5-|
A|------2---2-2-5-|          A|-0-3-4----------|
E|-0-3-4----------|          E|----------------|

Repeat this for the Intro and the Verses.

Then the chorus goes like this.

F#   |244XXX|   then
Apc  |577XXX|   then
I dont know what this is  |466XXX|  how about Cb         then
I dont know what this is either  |9 11 11 X X X|  how about high C#       then
I dont know this either |799XXX|  how about high B

Then do a slide on the E from the 12th fret to the 1st. Then do Riffs 1 and 2 again for the verses. Then the chords for the chorus, then it changes after the chorus into this.

e|-------------------|     This is the real way to play    e|-0---------------|
B|-------------------|     that piece, but there is an     B|-0----------2----|
G|-------------------|     easier way to play that. You    G|-4------4-2---2-4|
D|---------9-7-11-7-9|     can play it like this...        D|-4-0-1-2---4-4---|
A|--------9---9--9---|                                     A|-2---------------|
E|-7-10-11-----------|                                     E|-0---------------|

Listen to the song as to how many times to play that, then you come back down into Riffs 1 and 2 again. If you have any questions about this e-mail me at   or          Thank you ver much and have a great time playing!!!!
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