Bellamy Brothers - If I Said You Had A Beatiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me chords

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If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me?)
The Bellamy Brothers
Let Your Love Flow – Greatest Hits
Transcribed by: Steven P.

E      022100
Esus   022200
B      x24442
C#m    x46654
A      x02220
F#m    244222

E  Esus  E

If I said you had a beautiful body
Would you hold it a - gainst me?
If I swore you were an angel
Would you treat me like the devil to - night? 
If I were dying of thirst
                            E           C#m
Would you flow in love come quench me?
     A                        B
If I said you had a beautiful body
Would you hold it a - gainst me?
Verse 1
E                                     A
Now we could talk all night about the weather
F#m                                          B
I could tell you about my friends out on the coast
E                          A
I could ask a lot of crazy questions
F#m               B              E     Esus  E
Or ask you what I really want to know

Verse 2
E                                     A
Now rain can fall so soft against the window
F#m                                   B
The sun can shine so bright up in the sky
E                                    A
But Daddy always told me “Don't make small talk.”
         F#m             B                  E     Esus  E
He said “Come on out and say what's on your mind.”

Chorus (Repeat & Fade)

This is my interpretation of the song and is what I hear. Since
U-G doesn't always include the correct chord voicings, I have
included all of them in this transcription. Please feel free to
experiment with your own chord voicings.
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