Bellamy Brothers - More Of You chords

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  G                               D   D4   D
Hearts, burning like they were on fire,         Dsus4=D4

 am      D                    G
plans, changing our love to desire.

 G                            D   D4  D
Babe, my heart is screming to say,

am    D                      G
girl, we ought to go all the way.

          G                                 D    D4  D
I need more of you, changing my rain into sun,

 am          D                        G
more of you, puttin`my blues on the run.

       G                                     D    D4  D
I need more of you, darling, I need more of you,

 am     D                    G          
more - anything less wouldn´t do


 G                        D   D4  D
We had been together too long.

  am      D                       G
strange, how did I love you too strong?

  G                            D  D4  D
There´s nothing to keep us apart.

am   D                    G
We got to catch up to a heart.

I need more of you,..........
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