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Ben Folds Five - Air tab

Ben Folds Five - Air
Tabbed by Mark P

Chord Shapes

C  x32010
G  320033
F  xx3210
Am x02210

Verse 1

C, G, F, F

Pre-Chorus 1

Am, G, F, F



C, G, F, F
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Saw a silhouette across a fluorescent 
Floating overhead, undoing his helmet 
Through the murky beams and blue-green sea life 
I saw him spinnin' towards the moonlight 

I pull him in, he wasn't breathing 
His eyes were wide and he saw two of me there 
There's an ugly buzz that hovers just above the quiet 
Found a way to make it silent 

I'm comin' up for air 
I'm comin' up for air 

They hold my hand and ask me to pull through 
A voice I know says "dear, he probably can't hear you" 

Comin' up for air 
I'm comin' up for air 
I'm comin' up for air
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