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Ben Folds Five - Video tab

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Artist: Ben Folds Five
Song: Video
Album: Ben Folds Five
Posted By: Ade Percival

Note: These are just chords to play over the top, there a few more thrown in but nothing 
noticeable, this will do fine if your playing it by yourself or along with the record.

Intro: D A D G
(After the first Intro it plays a D for two bars.)

Verse: D F#/Gb G Em F#/Gb 
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Pre-Chorus: Em A Em A Em 

Chorus: A D E A F#/Gb G 
        F#/Gb G A D F#/Gb 

Bridge: B B C#/Db D
        B B C#/Db G A

Intro x6
Verse x2
Pre-Chorus x1
Chorus x1
Intro x2
Verse x2
Pre-Chorus x1
Chorus x1
Bridge x1
Chorus x1
Intro x6
Pre-Chorus x1
Chorus x1
Intro x4


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