Ben Parcell - Close Your Eyes chords

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Ben Parcell 'Close Your Eyes' 
From the album 'Humble Beginnings' 2010 By The Sea Records.

Chord shapes:
G  355433
D  557755
C  335533
F  133211
G# 466544
C# 446644
F# 244322

G, D, C

G           C                F             C
Yesterday I sang a song, the lonely road I walked along.
G                   C             F               C
I used to think I'd be someone if I could make it happen.
G                 C               F                 C
Looking down this dead end road, alone I thought of you.
    G         D              C                   G 
The only way about it was to make my dreams come true.

G# C          C#        F#      
I want you to notice me around.
G#                C             C#                D
Give me something more to find, stuck inside this town.

Chorus (standard open chords)
G              D C   G             D C   G       D    C         G
You close your eyes; everything is fine, until morning sees the light. Its time to...

(Repeat verse chords) 
Go and think about tomorrow or let it slip away.
Put your boring life behind you, grow up for a change.
Driving down this one way street, you know how I feel.
It's time to look around you; it's never been so real.

(Repeat bridge chords) 
I want you to notice me around
Give me something more to find stuck inside this town.

G Chord 
followed by intro chords.
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