Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Hole In My Hand tab

Capo in 1st Fret.

This song uses a simple finger picking pattern in 3 variations through out the song.

Pattern 1:

E |--------|--------|-0------|-----------|
A |-3------|-3------|--------|-----------|
D |--------|--------|--------|-----------|
G |--4--4-4|--4--4-4|--4--4-4|-0h2--2h4--|
B |---3--3-|---3--3-|---3--3-|----3----3-|
E |----0---|----0---|----0---|-----0----0|

Pattern 2:
The same as Pattern 1 except repeating the 3rd bar instead of the 4th:

E |--------|--------|-0------|-0------|
A |-3------|-3------|--------|--------|
D |--------|--------|--------|--------|
G |--4--4-4|--4--4-4|--4--4-4|--4--4-4|
B |---3--3-|---3--3-|---3--3-|---3--3-|
E |----0---|----0---|----0---|----0---|

Pattern 3:
Just repeating bars 1 and 2 instead of 3 and 4:

E |--------|--------|--------|--------|
A |-3------|-3------|-3------|-3------|
D |--------|--------|--------|--------|
G |--4--4-4|--4--4-4|--4--4-4|--4--4-4|
B |---3--3-|---3--3-|---3--3-|---3--3-|
E |----0---|----0---|----0---|----0---|

These patterns start AFTER the beginning of each line of the lyrics, so that
bar 3 falls immediately after the end of the line, and so that
the 2nd half of bar 4 coincides with the start of the following line
(e.g. Verse 1 outlined); This playing pattern continues throughout the song
except in verse two where Bar1 falls on the first word of each line.

[Intro] = Pattern 1 (x2)

[Verse 1] = Pattern 1

        Bar 1          Bar 2    Bar 3    Bar 4 (1st 1/2)
There's nothing we can say or do,

(2nd 1/2)   Bar 1      Bar 2            Bar 3    Bar 4
To Stop the world from tearing us in two.

(2nd 1/2) Bar 1   Bar 2        Bar 3    Bar 4
From your heart I drew the line,

(2nd 1/2)   Bar 1     Bar 2          Bar 3    Bar 4
Through the water and down your spine.

[Chorus] = Pattern 2

I put a hole in my hand to see you
I drew a line through the sand to be with you.

[Bridge] = Pattern 1 (x2)

[Verse 2] = Pattern 1

Can you hear me call your name,
In the winter did it sound the same?
My gun jammed and my heart stops again,
I close my eyes and I see you.

[Chorus] = Pattern 2 (x2)

[Chorus #2] = Pattern 3 (x6) - Can strum this part softly instead of picking if preferred
(NB// this is the acoustic version, slightly different in the EP version)

I wanna come home,
And I wanna come soon.
I wanna come now,
And I wanted to be with you.

[Chorus] = Pattern 2

Repeat Pattern 2 twice and on the second, end on the open top-string of the 4th bar 
(play this last bar slower) and let ring.
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