Benjamin Hanby - Jolly Old Saint Nicholas chords

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Jolly Old Saint Nicholas chords
Benjamin Russell Hanby 

C             G7        Am                 Em
Jolly old St. Nicholas, Lean your ear this way!
F                C            G                 G7
Don t you tell a single soul, what I m going to say
C                G7           Am                Em
Christmas Eve is coming soon; now, you dear old man,
F                   C            G7             C
Whisper what you ll bring to me, tell me if you can.

C                 G7               Am             Em
When the clock is striking twelve, when I'm fast asleep,
F                C                G                     G7
Down the chimney broad and black, with your pack you ll creep
C                 G7             Am           Em
All the stockings you will find, hanging in a row;
F                C             G7                C
Mine will be the shortest one, you ll be sure to know.

C              G7              Am           Em
Johnny wants a pair of skates, Suzy wants a dolly;
F              C               G                G7
Nellie wants a story book; she thinks dolls are folly
C             G7           Am         Em
As for me, my little brain isn t very bright;
F                  C            G7                C
Choose for me, old Santa Claus, what you think is right.

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