Benjamin Jameson Morey - Im Scared Of A Lot Of Things tab

Capo 5

   Rift I
           Rift II

 Intro C,Am,G (w/Rift I) x4
 C                               Am             G          C Am G
I'm scared of growning old and losing all the things I love
 C                            Am                G            C Am G
I'm scared of living with a lifetime worth of things I've done
         F             C            F               C
When I think about my mom and how small our lives become
         F                  C              G
weighed against all of the pains of being young
             F            C           F            C
all the helplessness and woe of now doing things alone
           F           C                    G   C
and the thought that time is no longer your own

C,Am,G (w/Rift II)x2

 C                               Am                       G   C Am G
I'm scared my dad will sell the house that I was raised inside
 C                      Am                       G   C Am G
That I'll be alien to rooms in which I spent my life
          F                   C             F            C
And that all the things I've made will get lost and go away
            F            C             G
like the sounding of a string in its decay
            F        C            F                      C
And that everyone I know will at some point lose their homes 
        F                C             G
and at some point feel alone and be afraid

C,Am,G (w/Rift II)x2

 C                           Am                  G   C Am G
I'm scared that I will only ever live inside my mind
 C                      Am                               G   C Am G  
I'm scared that I'll be sad and singin' sorrow my whole life
 C                 Am                G 
I'm scared to die
 C             Am   G
I'm scared to die alone
 C,Am,G (w/Rift I)

         F                C
Well, I don't believe in Hell 
        F               C
but I think I might as well
          F                C                 G
It seems people that are raised to turn out well
          F                 C
I wonder what it's like to die
              F               C
and will all colors leave my eyes?
          F              C                G
and then will my soul survive in dark or light?
          F               C             F        C
will the days in front of me hold some sort of mystery?
             F                C            G                      
and will I finally learn to great them hopefully?
         F                 C                     F               C
I'm so scared that this is it, that there's no grander scheme I fit
                F                 C               G
and there's no better place that I'm supposed to be.
    F        C         F          C         F         C          G
la la la la la la

Outro C,Am,G (w/Rift I)

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