Big Time Rush - Boyfriend chords

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1st verse
f#m               abm               c#m
have you ever had the feeling youre drawn to someone yeah

f#m         abm                      c#m   
and it isnt anything they could have said or done

f#m                    abm
and very day i see you on your own 

and i cant believe that youre alone 

f#m                  abm               c#m
but i overheard your girls and this is what they said 


that youre lookin for a boyfriend 
i see that

gimme time you know im gonna be that

f#m               abm 
dont be scared to come put your trust in me 

cant you see all i really wanna 

f#m               abm
be your boyfriend cant fight that

knock me down you know im comin right back

f#m        abm  
i dont care at all what youve done before 

all i really want is to be your boyfriend

f#m  abm     c#m
your bofriend
2nd verse

let me take a little moment to find the right words
so when i kick it to you
it aint something tat youve heard
i dont know what kinda guy thzat you prefer
but i know i gotta out myself forward
see i think i got the kinda ove that you deserve


chorus 2

f#m                  abm
if you tell me where im waitin here

every day like slumdog millionaire

f#m                    abm
bigger than a twilight lobve affair

ill be here girl i swear

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