Bill Morrisey - Night Train chords

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Night Train
Bill Morrissey

[A]I've been hanging around this station
[D]long enough to know
where the [E]brakeman disappears
when the [D]whistle blows

And [A]who's gonna make it out all right
when the final night train shows
Ah [E]babe, it's [Bm]true

I've [D]seen a lot of women here
waiting just like [A]you. [Asus4] [A]

[A]Hear the fireman start singing
the [D]same time every day
and his [D]well planned getaway

and it's a [A]shame to hear such a pretty voice
with not one thing to say
Ah [E]babe, it's [Bm]true
you [D]would have loved him back in time
if he'd only sung for [A]you.[Asus4] [A]

[A]Moonlight in the water tower
[D]always shines so cold
in the [E]shadow of the pay phone
the [D]saints are getting bold

And it [A]don't matter to them now
if it's real or just fool's gold
Ah, [E]babe, it's [F#m]true
I [D]heard all the saints tonight
talking only of [A]you. [Asus4] [A]

[A]Listen deep into the night, girl
Can you [D]hear the whistle blow?
Looks [E]like you're gonna make it out all right
but there's [D]one thing you must know:

The only [A]ones who can help you now
are the ones who must stay here when you go
Ah [E]babe, it's [Bm]true
I've [D]seen a lot of women here
smiling just like [A]you. [Asus4] [A]

[A]And there are some saints still in hiding
by the [D]river in the reeds
And they're [E]turning down every train
that don't [D]feel the right speed

Sing them this [A]song when you pass by
It'll be your last good deed
Ah [E]babe, it's [Bm]true
The [D]saints are down every line
waiting just for [A]you.
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