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Billy Foote - Be Still tab

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C#                   C#                            C#
  I remember all the times, the good times and the bad, I'm still holdin 
        C#                  C#                       C#
onto you, some days i wanna run, sometimes i come undone, but i still belong 
     C#        F#
to you, that's how i know that...

B                        F#                              Ab
 When i feel like caving in, my heart my soul is wearing thin, i just wanna 
         F#                             Bb                        B
give up, nothing seems at all to add up, can you hear me Lord, my face is 
                   D#                            Ab
down upon the floor, it's then you whisper in my ear, be still and know im 


I see a side of you my friend, the same struggles that i have, and my heart goes
out to you, i know its hard to feel alone, in this world so unforgiving, I've been
feeling that way too, but i can tell you... Rpt. chorus.

C#        F#          Ab                                       C#  F#     Ab
  is that you, is this me, it's sometimes hard to believe that I am not alone
C#              F#                 Ab         F#        Ab         C#
  It's not just you, it's not just me, we all need to believe that we are 
F#    Ab
not alone
Rpt. Chorus
C#     F#    Ab      F#        Ab       C#
we are not alone, be still and know i'm here    7X
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