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Billy Idol - Mony Mony tab

i couldn't find a tab that sounded rite, so i figured id try ta tab it, took me about 5 
very easy song

Intro, played with a bass but watever
e ---------|
B ---------|
D ---------|
G ---------|
A ---------|
E 222222222

Verse, played on a keyboard

e --------------|
B 7------7--9\7-|
G --------------|
D --------------|
A --------------|
E --------------|

Pre-chours, finally a part played on guitar

B ---------------------------|
G ---------------------------|
D --------4--------4---4---4-|
A 4-------2--------6---6---6-|
E 2--------------------------|


e-----------------------------                     e--------------------| play
B------------------------------                    B---------------/  4-|
G -----------------------------                     G----4--------------|4/2/2/4/4/ times
D-----4/4/2/2/4/4---4/4/2/2/4/4   play twice then   D-------------------|
A------------------------------                     A 2/2---------------|
E 2/2----------2/2-------------                     E-------------------|


e ------------------|
B ------------------|
G ------------------|
D 6---6---6-6-6-6-6-|
A 4---4---4-4-4-4-4-|
E ------------------|

Bridge, but on piano and bass

G -----64------|
D -----42-64---|
A 4-------42---|
E 2------------|

questions, comments eamil me at
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