Billy Preston - Isnt It A Pity tab

All the song is played in the same way. This is a tab of the Concert for George's Isn't 
a pity, arranged by Eric Clapton & Billy Preston.


G - C#dim - C - G [x1]

Song: (The melody is the same all the song)

G - C#dim - C - G

Solo (Over the same progression [G - C#dim - C - G])

Elapsed time 01.59


G		C#dim		C

O|-3----|	O|------|	O|-3----|
O|-3----|	O|-5----|	O|-5----|
O|-4----|	O|-6----|	O|-5----|
O|-5----|	O|-5----|	O|-5----|
O|-5----|	O|-4----|	O|-3----|
O|-3----|	X|------|	X|------|

Tabbed by Nacho Merlo
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