Bj Putnam - Beautiful Love chords

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Fantastic song from BJ Putnam. Key of D. Tempo is 84 bpm.

G  Bm  G Em7

Vs 1:
           D               Asus       Bm7    G2
My past was silenced at Your command.
          D                          Asus
When my broken heart was healed
       Bm7               G2
In the palm of Your hand.

D             D/A
You swallowed death,
Bm7                G2
overwhelmed me with life.
     D             D/A
When You made your blood
       Bm7        G2     (G)
and my pain collide.

          D                Asus
Beautiful love, You are my King.
            Bm7          G2
You are the One, my Everything.
       D                Asus            Bm7
Now, I run to You 'cause You are all I need.
G2                Em7
Beautiful love.

Vs 2:
You stretched out Your arms
        Asus     Bm7    G2
And You broke my fall.
        D            Asus
On that day when Your love
        Bm7            G2
Took my place on the cross.

Prechorus, Chorus

A           Bm7
You're everything
A            Bm7
You're all I need
A                       Bm7
The One who carried the cross
Carries me
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