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Bjork - Aurora tab

Aurora - Bjork

Tabbed by Seb Oddos dit Zappy the Koala. Very hard to translate for guitar. If you have 
comment. Don't hesitate to propose alternative or improved versions.

Bells intro
E |-13-11-------14-11-13-11-------13-11----------------5-----------|
B |-------14-12-------------14-12-------14-12------------8---------|
G |----------------------------------------------------------------|
D |----------------------------------------------------------------|
A |----------------------------------------------------------------|
E |----------------------------------------------------------------|

Dm     G       C/G      Dm
Threading the glacier head
Dm        G     Am           Dm
Looking hard for Moments of shine
C             G      Am
From twilight to twilight

C Dm F / F G Am          Am          C
Ahhhhh... Ahhhhh...     Utter mundane

Heading for the sublime

C          Am
Aurora goddess sparkle
Am           Am
Shoot me Beyond this suffer
F             C
The need is great


Dm     F           Dm
Aurora goddess sparkle
Dm            G
A mountain shade
Dm        C     F
Suggests your shape
Dm       F      C        G
I tumble down on my knees
Dm                      G
I fill my mouth with snow
C             G
The way it melts
Dm Am                 G
I wish to melt it to you

Spark the sun off
Spark the sun off
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