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Blackfield - Blackfield tab

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Great song by a great band leaded by porcupine tree's Steven Wilson.

Tabbed by: Omri
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F                         F
Curling lips, fingertips, dead eye dips
                    A9            A9
I saw it all in the blackfield
F                               F
Splinter cracks, summer tracks, paperbacks
                         A9          A9 
We found them all in the blackfield
F                             F
In the shade, whistle blades, singing fades
In the blackfield

F#m           Bm    Bm             F#m    F#m           
She wants to stay   and talk all day
     Bm     G               D
so I remark when it gets dark
        F#/D                    Bm/D
All the pale things under the earth
Will reverse

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