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Bloc Party - Blue Light tab

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(D/E  E)      
She's a blue light, yes it cannot be denied

She will give you back your pride
She squeezes, she freezes, she does what she pleases
But she says she thinks of others, all the time

(D/E  E)
You must rise to her defense when she's in danger

Turn around and you're looking at a stranger
She steals your savings from under your bed
    A                                         E
And leads you into places even angels fear to tread
        B                    C   B    C    D    E 
She's a blue light

(D/E  E)
She's not amused, when you're trying to upstage her

So you choose to do nothing to enrage her
'Cause under her mantle you feel safe from the cold
             A                                  E
And you're safe from the danger of ever growing old
        B                  C     B     C     D     E  
She's a blue light

I'm not very good with this funky sort of thing, But, uh,
sometimes, when the inspiration strikes, I can get down 
with the best of them.
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