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Blondie - Dreaming tab

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Dreamin - Blondie

Listen to song for timing but its basically the full chord (Guitar #1) on the opening 
of each line then single notes for the other words in the verse while Guitar #2 plays notes

Intro riff: B-2/33/2--23/5--33/2--2--3--23/5--3-|

   D            G               D               G
  When                      You

   G            A              B                     G
   You asked   pleasure          measure	     tea

e ----------------------------|
B --2---3------2---3----5--3--|
G --2---2------0---0----2--0--|
D --0-------------------------| 2x
    Dreamin   Dreamin is free

Bridge is just G D A

D                     G           D                       G
When I met you in the restaurant, you could tell I was no debutante
D                      A                      B
You asked me what's my pleasure; a movie or a measure?
                   G                      Dsus
I'll have a cup of tea and tell you of my dreaming dreaming is free

I don't want to live on charity. Pleasure's real or is it fantasy?
Reel to reel is living rarity; people stop and stare at me.
We just walk on by, we just keep on dreaming

G                              G
Feet feet, walking a two mile; Meet meet, meet me at the turnstile
D                     A
I never met him, I'll never forget him

Dream dream, even for a little while;
Dream dream, filling up an idle hour -- Fade away, radiate

D                      G           D                      G
I sit by and watch the river flow. I sit by and watch the traffic go
D                         A                           B
Imagine something of your very own; Something you can have and hold
                    G                      Dsus
I'd build a road in gold just to have some dreaming; Dreaming is free

Dreaming -- Dreaming is free
Dreaming -- Dreaming is free
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