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Blue Rodeo - Too Many Hands tab

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Blue Rodeo-Too Many Hands

Done by Frazer Skead,Email me if you have any corrections or qeustions

C          G       F            C
Too many hands ,Carving up the sky
      C             G   C        G
And leaving their mark in the sand
    C        G
Our destiny moves
  F              C  G  Am
no matter where we stand
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G         C            C           G
Too many hands ,Theres dust in my eyes
  F            C         C           G           G  C  G 
Poison in my brain, An ocean that runs through my veins
    C           G           F                    C  D  Am
But here in my chest,theres a feeling i don't understand
 G         C
Too many hands
  G                                 F    
Here on the highest ground,you can see how far we've 
 C G
Am     Em         F            G               
One voice cries echo's on and on,
C          G             F           C  G  Am
Far away gone,i'll be hiding from the plans
  G          C
Of too many hands

Break C G F C ......
G                       F           C G
Traces of history appear across the sky 
   Am   Em         F             G
Lay down now and let your spirit fly
 C           G    F             C           C   
Too Many Hands,Fade away with time they're losing 
          G C G
Themselves in the plan
 C         G       F        C G Am
I offer my voice hear me if you can
G            C G Am        G      C
Too many hands,         Too many hands
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