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Blue Sky - The City That Doesnt Exist chords

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words and music by Michael Seibt

Am          G                      Am
When I was young you taught me the pain
   Am             G                    Am
I learned that a lot of things were in vain
 C            G         F                C
When I was a young man you showed me the way
C             G              F               E        E7
But whatever happened there was no doubt to stay
Am           G                 Am
Stay in the city that doesnít exist

Wherever I am Iím missing your flair
The smell of baking-powder everywhere in the air	
I know the malls in London, Paris and Rome
Amsterdam, Copenhagen, but I wanna get back home
Home to the city, that doesnít exist
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The forest so near and the fields always green
The rain and the mist canít conceal what I see
You are the place, where I will spend my life
The ground of my roots and sometimes my pride
Although they say, you doesnít exist

They say you are the capital of the province
But I donít care: They donít know any inch
Never sat near the lake watching the sun rise
Never stood on the fortress when the autumn wind cried
Let them believe in their trash Ė I know you exist

Outro: Am  G  Am

Itís good that they canít find you in the rain and the mist
Homesick to you - they cannot know how it is
I know, it is good, and itís good as it is
You are the city, that really exists
You are the city, that really exists
You are the city, ---------- that really exists

Ending: |: Am  G Am  (Harp) :|
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