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Blue Sky - Hear Me Calling chords

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 G          Em          G        Em
It's after midnight, I lie in my bed
   G          Em                 D
Thoughts are running through my head
 C            Em            C       D
It's running empty and I'm going insane
  G         C       Em      Em/F# G
There is a picture burned in my brain

Skippers were leaning at the ships-rail
We stood there shivering on the quai
When they reached the sea, they hoisted the sails
Then they were never seen again

 C       G       C       G
Hear me calling, in the night
 C       G        D            D
Hear me calling, nothing's allright
 C       G             C           G
Hear me calling, the whole night through
 C       G       C       G           C       G
Hear me calling, I miss you, my son, I miss you

Seven days later they got into a storm
Their ship sprung a leak, the sails were torn
The operator sent a last SOS
Before the sea took them to their final rest


Now I pass the nights waking and talking with you
I can hear your voice, yeah, it's true
In starry nights I see you above
And from far I can hear you laugh

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