Blue Sky - Never Means That Nothing Will Remain chords

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Never means, that nothing will remain
words and music by Michael Seibt

Capo 2. ft. / three-four time

 C             G         Hm7            Em
Sitting in my bar I was starring in my beer
 C               G             Hm7      Hm7
Wondering how I can get out of here
    C              D                    G     G
Outside a mighty cloud-burst was going down
       C              D                 G
As it never had been seen here in this town

Then the door was opened and she came in
Her wet shirt was pasting on her skin
She said: “Oh, it is a shame!
Never I have seen such a rain!”


 C          G    C            D
Never is a word hardly to sustain
      C          G          D              G
|: ‘cause never means that nothing will remain :|

We talked nineteen to a dozen ‘til the sun was rising up
The ashtray was full of cigarette-stubs
Then we went back home
Sure we’d never be alone


The days were full of flowers then and full of stars were the night
and we enjoyed our life
I said “forever and a day”
And you swore you’d never go away


Then one day I saw her with another man
Walking in the park hand in hand
I didn’t feel any kind of pain
But never I saw her again
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