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Blur - On Your Own tab

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Here's my personal favourite by Blur:

Verse 1:

     B               E              F#        (E)
Holy man tiptoed his way across the Ganges
    B              E            F#            (E)
The sound of magic music in his ears
B             A           E
Videoded by a bus load of touristis
B                     E             F#        (E)
Shinny shellsuits and drinking lemonade 
B                 E                      F#          (E)
Now I got a funny feeling which I bought mailorder
B               E              F#                    (E)
From a man in a teepee in California
B                  A               E
Said he once was a great game show performer
B                    E       F#                      (E)
Then he blew all his money away
Blew it all away

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So take me home
Don't leave alone
I'm not that good
But I'm not that bad
No psycho killer
Hooligan gorilla
I dream to riot
Oh you should try it
            F#                B
I'll eat parole get gold card soul
           A           E
My joy of life is on a roll
          B          E           F#
And we'll all be the same in the end
                    B       E  F#  E
Then you're on your own

Verse 2:

Well we go happy day glow in the discos
The sound of magic music in our brains
Someone stumbles to the bathroom with the horrors
Says lord give me time for I've jumped into space
I'm in outter space


Middle Section:

B       E       F#   (E)
La lala la lala lala
B       E       F#   (E)
La lala la lala laaa 
B       A       E   
La lala la lala lala
B       E       F#   (E)
La lala la lala laaa
Lala Laaaaa

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