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Bo Burnham - Im Bo Yo tab

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Bo Burnham
"I'm Bo Yo"

Capo 5th Fret

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B                        E
Now I don't know if all boy scouts are gays
                G#                             F#
But they could probably "tie the knot" in like fifty different ways...
          B                            E   
I got a safe full o' cherries, cause I pop it and lock it,
     G#                          F#           
A girl's like a fridge, once a week you should stock (stalk) it,
     B                                                 E  
And girl, if your into a rimmin its only safe if your swimming,
                G#                                F#
And girl don't sit on the couch cause I treat my objects like women.
   B                E
I spit fire like I just blew a demon
     G#                      F#       
My shits so hot I leave the toilet bowl steamin
B                                         E
Girl im gonna tear it (tarot), like the cards of the gypsies
      G#                            F#
Youll bleed for so long youll get monthly ellipses.
        B                              E
If the pants are loose, girl I'll replete (re-pleat) ya.
          G#                       F#
You're a first time vegan and its nice to meet (meat) ya

I'm bo yo
And im the greatest rappa eva
         G#                                F#
And I'll weather your weather whether you think im clever or not
Think your better your not
Don't need a sweater im hot
      G#                     F#
Im a real G shawty that can really find your g spot

Verse x2





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