Bo Burnham - Deep chords

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This is how all the root notes of the song are played with timing. You may find it 
hard to time but I can play this song on piano and trust me, it's right.

Progression during spoken word: C D Em D C D Em Bb x2 

(spoken) This songs about how deep I am
I'm really fucking deep bro
So deep that it's called.. Hashtag Deep

G Bb Em (C)

         G                       Bb                   Em    
Have you ever stopped to watch a bluebird drop from a tree,

and take to the air?

   G            Bb        Em 
Me Neither

         G                     Bb                         Em
Have you ever took time out to finish out a rhyme but the right words just weren't there?

     G          Bb        Em
Meat Cleaver

    G            Bb             Em             C
The people in my life are like      grains of sand

G                     Bb
   Cause they stick together

Yeah.. Often near my butt hole

   C          D          Em     D                 C       D
If life is an ocean than I am a deep and handsome fish

             G      B
A fish that's drowning  

           C                 D             
If the artistic process is a birth canal

     Em     D           C         D
Than I am a freshly jellied kid

               G      B
Come witness my crowning ( straight onto the next line without a gap )

Cause thoughts of mine

                    D      (palm mute)
Must be a sign that I'm

Hashtag Deep

G Bb Em
(spoken: If jesus can walk on water, can he swim on land?)
                  G                                Bb     
Have you ever accidentally peed on the side of the toilet seat,

    Em                               G     Bb  Em
instead of your girlfriends face? Me neither...     Me neither!

         G                 Bb
Have you ever wrote a song note for note,

and not a single note was out of place, duh?

    G            Bb             Em              C                 G
The people in my life are like        blades of grass..    How?

                     Bb              Em                  
Cause they're all so grounded but at least grass stays away from my butthole!

C        D          Em       D           C    
Art is a harlot and i am her sassy urban friend

  D                        G  B
Uh, bitch why you being so selfish

   C        D             Em          D             
If momma is right and the world is my oyster then 

C     D                         G       B
I-----I must have an allergy to shellfish

          C                   D
You don't know. How could you know

    G             D           Em   C
If life makes you wish you were dead

     G             D              C              D                  G
Just put on a good movie and then promptly put a bullet in your head

         D      Em     C         
Spend forever a---asle---ep,

       G                D          C          D
'cause life pales in comparison to living the dream

     G     D    Em    C
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