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Bo Burnham - My Little Secret tab

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Bo Burnham
My "Little" Secret

Am     F        C       G

Am                F                    C
People think im tall, you probably do too,
                   G                       Am F C G
Cause i got a big hat size and a 16 shoe.
     Am         F                      C        
As tall as a tree, but as wide as a twig,
                G                 Am  F  C  G
To top it all off, my weener is a...tiny
Am                   F                 C
It doesnt make any sense, its only 2 1/2
Whenever i'm naked even asians laugh (sry)
Am               F                C
It'll be like nothing youve ever felt
             G                         Am  F  C  G
Im the only guy who needs a condom belt...(what?)

Am  F  C  G 

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Am               F                     C
Please dont be mean, please dont be a jerk
                     G                         Am  F  C  G
Ive tried all those pills trust me they dont work.
Am                F                      C
If girth was a virtue, I'd end up in hell,
               G                          Am  F  C  G
Right now I'm erect, and you can't even tell.
Am         F                 C
I hate myself, Why isnt it long?
             G                      Am  F  C  G
Did my circumcision go horribly wrong?
Am                  F                     C
When my girlfriend saw it she started to sob,
             G                  Am  F  C  G
"I can only give you a finger-job"

Am  F  C  G

Am              F                   C
I wanna be the stud, now i'm the stooge.
                  G                           Am  F  C  A
It wouldn't be wierd, if my balls weren't so huge.
Am                    F                        C
I guess it would be great if i was hung like a horse,
                  G                 Am  F  C  G
But i gotta let nature take its course...
just kidding im huge.
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