Bob And Tom - Fred chords

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Intro: Em  N.C.
   Em                       C
He once shot a man just for snorin'
D                          Em
Got outa' bed and shot 'im dead
        Em (hit twice then N.C.)
An' 'is name was
I didn' know what his name was
D                     Em
So we just called him Fred

VERSE 2 (same chords)

He was ridin' 'cross the desert on a horse to another town

Lookin' for a woman in a night gown

The horses name was

AaaaaaI didnt know what his name was

So we just called him Fred

          Em                        C
Oh oh now Fred's ridin Fred's ridin Fred
Fred's ridin Fred, Fred's ridin Fred
Fred's ridin Fred

VERSE 3 (same as 1 and 2)

Well they got to the town, met a woman in a night gown

And she was wearin a frown (spoken: "Hell it rhymed")

An' 'er name was  *longer pause*

aaaaaaaaaaaI didn' know what her name was

So we just called 'er Fred

Chorus (same as before)

Spoken part at the end(use the same chord progression during, Em C D Em):

This song was written under the influence of marajuana, which makes you think things are 
than what they really are.  Had you been smokin' marajuana while hearin this song you'd 
laughin on the floor right now sayin:  "that Fred songs whuppin mah ass turn it off!"

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