Bob Schneider - Still Life chords

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capo 1
- chords here are relative to capo 1
- however, it is fun to capo 6 and transpose the chords down 5 (G, D, G, Em, C, G, etc.)
- each of the verses use the same chord progression
- for verse 1, just pluck chords, if you want it to sound like the album
- there is an instrumental interlude before verse 3, i usually omit it when playing solo acoustic

[Verse 1]
C                        G              C
there's some old flowers on the kitchen table
Am          F              C
some photos taped upon the wall
F              F                C
closet full of empty clothes hangars
Am         F                G     C
old box of kotex in the bathroom stall

            G                            C
and there's still life even after you're gone
G                                    F             C
still life even though the nights go on for way to long
            G               F               C
because i'm breathing even though i can't go on
        F               G            C
there's still life even after you're gone

[Verse 2]
there's some gaps in my CD collection
dog door, but there ain't no dog
'cause you took the dang dog when you left me
all that you left me was this cold gray fog

[Repeat Chorus]

F                 G                     C             F
i know that friends some time are gonna take away the pain
F          G                       C          F
and that before too long i'll be on my feet again
F          G                C             F
but all i know is nights go on and on and on
             F                G           C
and there's still life even after you're gone

[Verse 3]
i get up for work every morning
to somehow make it through the day
and when they ask me how i'm doin
i bite my lip, tell 'em man, everything's okay

[Repeat Chorus]
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