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Bob Welch - Ebony Eyes tab

By Bob Welch
From the FRENCH KISS album, 1977

Bob Welch was one of the great guitarists to find their way through the
Fleetwood Mac family. He was the guitarist right before Lindsey Buckingham.
Along with Christine McVie he wrote the hit Hypnotized. He is also responsible
for Sentimental Lady (you can find that tab with the Fleetwood Mac stuff).
Mystery Train was another hit penned for Fleetwood Mac by Bob Welch. French
Kiss was his solo effort after leaving the band. It contains a memorable little riff.

Tuning: Standard

Chords used in this song are Am  Dm  E  C

Am  0   Dm  1  E  0   C  0
    1       2     0      1
    2       3     1      0
    2       0     2      2
    0       X     2      3
    X       X     0      X

THE MEMORABLE RIFF: (play 4 times at beginning of song)


Am                             E
Have you seen that girl in the corner?
            Am                   E
I'd like to take her out of her chains
            Am                   E
'Cause if I had my ways with you baby
             Dm                Am
I would be changing your life today

C                 Am
Your eyes got me dreamin'
C                 Am
Your eyes got me blind
C                 Am
Your eyes got me hopin'
              Dm                 Riff/Am
That I'll be holding you close tonight

repeat chorus

            Am                 E
She was the same as a hundred ladies
             Am                   E
But when my eyes looked at her I learned
             Am                E
that she was keeping a secret fire
         Dm                 Am
and if I got too close I'd burn
 N/C   Am                           E
So it looked like I'd have to move slowly
             Am                  E
Just like a cat at night in the trees
              Am                 E
'cause I was waiting for her to show me
              Dm                   Am
That way that she liked her love to feel

repeat chorus

Dm    Am
      Ebony Eyes
Dm     Am
       Ebony Eyes
Dm     Am
       Ebony Eyes
Dm     Am
       Ebony Eyes

play the riff as you outro the "Ebony eyes" bit
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