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Bon Iver - Roslyn chords

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***If you want to play it like in the recording then you have to
play the following chords like this. If NOT then just follow
them like you would normally do and ignore everything above
the "standard tuning"..***

     F           C           G          Dm7      Am       G2
e----------- ----------- ---------- --1------ --------- ----3----|
B--1-------- --1-------- --3------- --1------ --1------ ---------|
G-----2----- ----------- -----4---- -----2--- ----2---- ---------|
D--------3-- -----2----- --------5- --------- ----2---- ---------|
A----------- --------3-- ---------- --------- --------- ---2-----|
E--1-------- --1-------- --3------- --2------ --1------ ------3--|
Place you thumb on the E-1, E-2, and E-3.

*In the beginning you slide from F to G and from G to F.*

***Standard Tuning.***

Capo on the 1st fret.



up with your turret
                      C   F-C-F
aren't we just terrified?

shale, screen your worry
                          C   F-C-F
from what you won't ever find

C                  Dm7
don't let it fool you
C                  Dm7  Am  C
don't let it fool you  down

dancing around, 
               G(2)   F
folds in her gown

sea and the rock below
                    C  F-C-F
cocked to the undertow

bones, blood and teeth erode
                       C   F-C-F 
they will be crashing low

C                    Dm7
wings wouldn't help you
C                   Dm7   Am  C
wings wouldn't help you down 

down towards the ground
             G(2)  F
gravity smiled

you barely are blinkin'
                     C  F-C-F
wagging your face around

F                                C     F-C-F
when'd this just become a mortal home?

F                                             Dm7
won't, won't, won't, won't, won't let you talk me...
F                  Dm7   Am  C
won't let you talk me, down

we'll pull it taut,
             G(2)   F-G-F-G-C...
nothing let out	



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