Bon Iver - Blood Bank chords

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Blood Bank - Bon Iver
Standard tuning
E A D G B e

I think a lot of tabs are missing the strumming pattern. The pattern through out 
this whole song is D D D U D U. When strumming,
try to hit mostly the lower strings. This gives it a deeper sound.

Em7: O22O3OO
D/F#: 2OO23O
C/G: 332O1O
G: 32OO3X

Intro: Em7, D/F#, C/G, C/G (X4)
A different progression starts when he says "See look it..."
You start with G, G, D/F#, D/F#, Em7, Em7, and C/G C/G. This means that the 
pattern is played twice because I repeated the chord. I know I may not 
have shown that in the tab, but you do play them twice during that part.
In the song, he kind of fades out with the second C/G, so do whatever 
sounds nice. This is the same progression when he says "You said 'ain't 
this just like...'"

Well, I met you at the blood bank. D/F#
        C/G                C/G
We were looking at the bags
          Em7                 D/F#
Wondering if any of the colors
                   C/G                      C/G
Matched any of the names we knew on the tags.
                 G                              D/F#
You said "See, look it! That's yours stacked on top 
with your brothers. See how they resemeble one anothers?
              C/G                   C/G
Even in their plastic little covers."

(In this next chorus-like part, you only strum the chords
once until you get to the next verse).

And I said "I know it well." Em7 D/F#
That secret that you know.
That you don't know how to tell.
It fucks with your honor.
And it teases your head,
but you know that it's good, girl.
'Cause it's runnin' you with red.

(After this, I usually just lightly strum
over the C/G to make some noise).
Then the snow started fallin'. D/F#
         C/G                 C/G
We were stuck out in your car.
         Em7                  D/F#
You were rubbing both my hands,
chewing on a candy bar.
You said "ain't this just like the present,
to be showing up like this?"
As the moon waned to crescent,
We started to kiss.

And I said "I know it well..." Em7 D/F#

(For this second chorus-like part, he uses the same chord progression
as the other one, but he uses the same strumming patter as in the rest
of the song. So, G, G, D/F#, D/F#, Em7, Em7, C/G, C/G).
It's that secret that we know.
That we don't know how to tell.
I'm in love with your honor.
I'm in love with you cheeks.
What's that noise up the stairs, babe?
Is that Christmas morning creeks?
And I said "I know it well..." Em7 D/F#

Then you can just do the same as the intro unti the song fades.

I really hope this tab helps. I tried hard to make everything clear.
If you don't know a part, try listening to the song and it should
guide you.
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