Box Tops - The Happy Song chords

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The Happy Song
Listen here, band up there, on the stand, 
A             B7	      E
Sing a joyful song so we can all sing too 
A           B7	             E
Hum a merry tune to us that fits our mood 
A             B7	       C#m
Simple little feelings well derive from you 
A                      B7	          E
Sing us a happy little song that we can dance to 

Sing us a song, a song of love and happiness 
A flowing, going ride and, oh, please do your best 
Light and fast, you know, but still, with tenderness 
Sing us a happy little song, now, and we can do the rest 

A		    G#m         C#m      
We could light the night if we just let feelings flow 
F#m                    B7
Just let ourselves go, don't you know? 


We could light the night...
(Repeat verse)

by: Josť Duarte
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