Boy And Bear - Part Time Believer chords

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Gday! This is a tab for Part Time Believer by Boy and Bear, the 4th song 
off their Moonfire album. Version 1, so please use this as starters, and 
make another version if you feel it could be improved.

* indicates a riff, play as below according to D or A chord. 
D/Dadd9     A/Asus4

Also, in verses use the barred A first, then the standard version.

Bm            E   X2

B                A
We've run out of reason
D               A
Losing sight of what it's supposed to be 
B              A              D*        A*
A part time believer, to truth
B                A          D              A
We've somehow conceded this sense of self-evasive solitude
B                A        D*      A*
It means way too much to me
B              B          C#        D
And I hope you know, how lucky you are

       Bm                        E
Oh I remember sitting back on my balcony
        Bm                       E
I was'a listening to the Rolling Stones
          Bm                         E
See I was waiting for my dad to come home from work 
           Bm                               E
So I could show him all the chords that I'd learnt
          Bm                         E
See I was under the impression I was gonna lead
             Bm                  E
Some kind of simple understated life
             Bm                       E
But now I'm living in the shadows of a memory
      Bm              E   
And I hope so, man I hope so

Bm               E   X2

B                 A
It's been way too long
   D                A      
It seems that I can celebrate my meaning
B            A             D*       A*
For I am too young to mourn
B                 A
And if it won't release
   D            A
It pulls and it pushes me
        B             A             D*
Til I wither, til I wither, til I wither
      B        B         C#        D
And I hope you know, how lucky you are


    B      A
And oh you dare,
You run like a lion
To defend your senses
    B     A
And oh it seems
It cuts at the core
             Bm                E
It's not the same my friend no more

Oh no

Bm          E     X8

See I was waiting for my Dad to come home from work so I could...
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