Bread Of Stone - Parachute chords

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Verse 1:
Dm        F
I felt the breeze 
Gm                  C
I thought I was flying 
Dm            F
Floating at ease
Gm           C
Above the horizon
Dm                   F
The stars in my eyes don't realize 
Gm                    C
that I'm moving faster
Dm         F
So unaware of this
       Gm           C
free falling disaster

I used to be afraid
It was a long way down
I couldn't find a way
Dm   C                        Bb
from crashing into the ground

                      C                   Dm
You break my fall just like a parachute

I'm hanging by a thread
Bb                           C                      Dm
You're breaking my fall You are my parachute

Verse 2:
Both feet on the ground
my mind is so clear in this atmosphere
I'm gravity bound
Your heart beats away all my fears
Shadows are growing on the ground
Free-fallers loosing altitude
Billowing cloud-like parasols
Make beautiful rescues

Ben Kristijanto  ASCAP  Kristijanto Music Publishing Nathan Walters - SESAC - 
Kotika Muzika Publishing Blake Easter - ASCAP - Renovaudio Publishing Lynn Nichols 
- ASCAP - LYNTT Publishing
 2010 by Bread of Stone.
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