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Brett Manning - The One chords

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F Dm Am (x2)

Verse 1
                F                Bb/F          F
I must be wicked looking for a miracle
             Dm        [ch]Dm/Bb[/ch]            Dm
tempting God to part the sea for only me
when everything I've ever longed for
        F                    Am         C
was front of me

             F                                               C
Not as though my world had started to spin
        F                                          C
No lightening in the sky was flashin
        [ch]Bb/C[/ch]                    Bb                   F
but I swore I saw the moonlight in your eyes
In broad daylight
           Bb              Bb/G           Gm
I can't deny this any longer I'm undone
I finally have found
      F Dm Am           F Dm Am
the one....               the one                (x2 for ending)


F Dm Am (x2)

Verse 2
    F               Bb/F          F
I was thinking I was fine all by myself
          Dm           [ch]Dm/Bb[/ch]    Dm
I was clever in my self deceit 
but you broke through my blindness
        F                      Dm               C
your honesty.....confronted me

(repeat chorus)
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