Brian And Jenn Johnson - A Little Longer chords

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A little longer 
w/m by: Jenn Johnson 
What can I do for you 
What can I give to you 
                      Csus                C             A7 
What kind of song would you like me to sing 
Iíll dance a dance for you 
Iíll pour out my love to you 
                  Csus            C         A7 
What can I give to you beautiful king 
          Bb         Csus   C      Dm 
Cause I canít thank you enough 
Bb          Csus  C     Dm 
I canít thank you enough         (repeat) 
                                      Csus  C 
Then I hear you sing to me 
F            F/E            F/D 
You donít have to do a thing 
        F/C              Bb2                   F/A 
Just simply be with me and let those things go 
  Gm7             Csus    C 
It can wait another minute 
F          F2/E            Dm     Dm/C                            Bb2 
Wait this moment is to sweet please stay here here with me 
                    F/A        Gm7 
And love on me a little longer 
          Csus    C        F 
Cause Iím in love with you 

ccli# 4429658 
Copyright 2003 We Believe
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