Brian And Jenn Johnson - Love Came Down chords

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Love Came Down
By: Brian and Jenn Johnson, Jeremy Riddle, and Ian Mcintosh 

-- Cappo 4th fret

       Cmaj7                                   Em                      D
If my heart is overwhelmed And I cannot hear your voice
             Cmaj7                                  G             D/F#
Iíll hold on to what is true though I cannot see
          Cmaj7                                          Em                       D
If the storms of life they come And the road ahead gets steep 
        Cmaj7                                 G             D/F#
I will lift these hands in faith I will believe

      Am7                 G/B                  D
I remind myself of all that youíve done
             Am7              G/B                C 
And the life I have because of your son

  G                                                 Cmaj7          	
Love came down and rescued me Love came down and set me free
        Em           D                      C
Now I am yours I am forever yours
   G                                        Cmaj7
Mountain high or valley low I sing out remind my soul
Em          D                Cmaj7
I am your I am forever yours

Vs 2 
When my heart is filled with hope When every promise comes my way
When I feel your hands of grace rest upon me
Staying desperate for you God Staying humbled at your feet 
I will lift these and praise  I will believe

Chorus: 2
          G             Cmaj7            Em    D      C
I am yours I am yours All my days I am yours
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