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Brian Setzer Orchestra - Americano tab

Brian__SETZER  AMERICANO  INTRO           TAB.  (in Courier)

    regular guitar tuning. ( old school )   4 / 4 time. 

h--Q--5q---6qd---5i---E-7.5.-4i-5i--7i-----------------p.o ----------5i--------|


        F = full note rest, or example : 6F = this is a full note on the 6th fret
        H = half note rest, or example : 8H10H--  =  half notes played on 8 and 10
        Q = quarter rest
         E = is an eigth rest
        .q = is a quarter note
        .qd   =   a dotted quarter note
         i =  regular  eigth note 
           t  =  triplet,   ex :   i8t-9t-10t are triplet 8th notes 
  =  those are 4 sixteenths note in a row
            3.x.5.3. = four 16th notes, and 2nd 16note  is a rest or a ghost note. 

               .p o = pull off                         .h o = hammer on 
                  BL = here is the bar line and the first note of this  bar. 

ATTENTION : when there are only numbers, no letters, no extra markings, then its all 8th notes. 

This is my version of AMERICANO intro,  might be correct,
 any suggestions always welcome
  keep on rockin       play it loud

( chris , I play my beloved 6120   bluescatbob(at) )
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