Bright City Lights - All I Need chords

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Song: All I Need
Artist: Bright CIty Lights
Album: Hope Has Come EP
Songwriter:Leo Loughmiller

I know these chords are spot on because I wrote the song. Usually play it in Drop D 
tuning. Enjoy!

"All I Need"

B                                           E
My hope is found in You, a love so pure and true
B                                               F#                     
This world just will not do, God we want You, Lord we need You
B                                                                 E
All the universe is just hanging there, I catch my breathe just sit and stare
B                                                  F#                  
I'm amazed at how You care, You are here Lord, You are here Lord

B            F#               G#                              
You are all I need because of Your love now I am free OH OH
B           F#     E
You are all I need  X2



G#                  F#                       E
We're saved, by Your grace, eternally God X4

              E                        F#
On the 4th time on Bridge it builds on F# before TAG ..... eternally God, eternally

B          F#                   G#                            E
God is all we need, because of His love now we are free OH OH
B         F#         E
God is all we need X2
Copyright 2011 Leo Loughmiller
All Rights Reserved
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